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Little Changes Do Make A Large Impact

best plant based diet documentary on netflix pin1There has been a noticeable amount of individuals adapting an alternative lifestyle when it comes to their personal nutrition. The traditional Western  diet is centered on animal protein based food products. However, many individuals have begun to notice the endless health issues associated with the American diet. Now they are turning their focus on finding alternative ways of eating. Instead they are beginning to opt for a more natural whole food plant based diet. This has had a major impact on the animal agricultural industry. The documentaries that are highlighted below showcase a variety of these changes. However, they also shed light on many issues within the animal agricultural industry. There are several informative documentaries that will properly educate people before choosing a plant based diet over animal based one. But, what is the best plant based diet documentary on Netflix?

Ten Beneficial Documentaries Worth The Watch 

The Game Changers

Real men eat real meat; this has been the common misconception for decades in the Western world. The film, The Game Changers, proves this statement to be far from the truth with countless individuals to prove it. Traditionally, meat must be the bulk of the meal. This has been the common misconception for decades in the Western world. As we consider films for the best plant based diet documentary, this one highlights different athletes but all on a similar journey. An expedition to discovering the best diet in order to showcase their highest health goals and achieve optimal athletic performance. The film shows how eliminating animal protein and highly processed foods can have a huge positive impact on your health.

Furthermore, it explains how the alternative plant focused diet will assist people in meeting their highest health goals. Throughout the film, body builders, UFC fighters, lifters, cyclists, baseball players, runners, and many other athletes are all highlighted. The Game Changers introduces audience members to the drastic differences that an alternative nutritional lifestyle has to offer people. 


There is an overwhelming crisis occurring in America due to the poor nutrition choices of individuals. There are major health problems that have become more predominant in the medical field. These severe medical issue are ultimately costing patients a fortune in order to treat. The choice to eat highly processed foods is killing millions of people and it is time for a solution. For the filmmakers of Forks Over Knives, that solution would be simple.

Now, consumers are opting for no animal products, no dairy, no meat, and no Western diet. In return, individuals are taking back their personal nutrition are determined to have less health issues. A plant based diet is the new medicine. Having a balanced diet is the most important factor when it comes to changing the processed food crisis. The film expresses the immediate urgency for individuals to begin focusing on a plant based food intake. Then ensure that they will be able to eliminate the increase of major health issues. 

Hungry For Change

This creation brings leaders in the nutrition and natural medicine world together in order to speak out. They vocalize their concerns about the current dieting phenomenon in today’s modern society. The main topic expresses major concerns on how humans are no longer eating food in order to survive. On the contrary, individuals are now choosing to eat foods that are calorie filled and packed full of harmful chemicals.

Through the film, Hungry For Change, the audience will be shown that society has changed drastically. People no longer understands how to properly take care of themselves with it comes to food intake. Foods are now filled with sugars, most of which are hidden inside all processed food. Obese, miserable, and sick is exactly how humans will continue to feel if there is no change. Furthermore, the audience will begin to have a better understanding of how to eat simple, all natural foods. They will also see how this can affect their overall physical and mental states drastically over time. 

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Shedding light on individuals fighting obesity, having poor health, and facing extreme health challenges. This documentary takes a unique approach to try and inspire a drastic change to occur within people’s personal life. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead follows a man, Joe Cross, in order to showcase his radical journey. Joe adopts a special plant based diet for his documentary where he vows to commit to a juice fast for 60 days.

The film touches on the plight of the overweight. How the obese feel they are labeled in many different ways. They are, unfortunately, perceived as uncomfortable, unfit, lazy, and close to death; all because of their weight. This film showcases how juicing had an overall positive impact on his life and actually saved him from an early grave. Joe expresses how he believes that, “the best way to change the world is to change yourself”. The change Joe hopes to have can be seen throughout the film.

What the Health?

From the same filmmakers of Cowspiracy, the documentary, “What the Health?” dives into the devastating impacts highly processed animal foods. The movie discusses the effects processed foods have had on Western society. In this film, Kip Andersen discovers that there are various diseases quickly overtaking the country. However, leading health organizations are standing by to support the poor food options. The majority of consumers no longer have any idea what has been hidden in their foods.

They also do not fully understand they are ingesting portions at an alarmingly large rate. Plus, the government has turned a blind eye due to the amount of money they receive from the food industry. Backed with research, this documentary introduces viewers to hard facts, proven numbers, and medical studies. This evidence raises large concern for the diet pandemic the country is experiencing. The major take away from the documentary is that change can still be made before it is too late. The film has actually been labeled as, “the health film that health organizations don’t want you to see”. 

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret 

Filmmakers take a stand to turn attention to the ignored issue of greenhouse gases due to the animal agriculture industry. In this documentary, researches take a deep look into the environmental disasters that are increasing in society. However, the government is choosing to disregard any major changes. Throughout Cowspiracy, the audience will be taken along a devastating journey. This ‘Best plant based diet Documentary’ contender touches on environmental disaster, environmental impacts, corrupt politics, massive legal resources, species extinction, habitat loss, and erosion. Furthermore, all of these key items are occurring alongside a government unwilling to challenge the animal agriculture industry. 


This casual documentary follows three New Yorkers’ that love their meat as they adopt a vegan lifestyle for six weeks. Most individuals wholeheartedly believe they could not, or would not, ever make the decision to willingly go vegan. Additionally, the majority of those people firmly believe that they could not turn toward a vegan lifestyle. The main reasons being that they love meat too much or are not comfortable enough with an alternative lifestyle. Vegucated is more of a light-hearted film that is partly a sociological experiment. It is a comedic journey for the audience but also focuses on adopting a whole food plant based diet. 

Eating You Alive

Eating You Alive is raw footage of what poor food and no physical activity can do to a body. It takes a look into the lives of real people to show the devastating results of poor nutrition. The American healthcare system is great at treating trauma and has improved infant mortality. However, we have not been effective at preventing illnesses such as heart disease. America should be proactive and teach individuals how to prevent the illnesses before it is to late.

The film sheds light on the fact the pharmaceutical and food industries have such a financial grasp on the government. In return, the overwhelming health crisis centered on obesity and other major health issues will all continue to go unaddressed. Eating You Alive uncovers the dark truth about the animal agricultural industry. The film exposes the harmful chemical additives used in the production of highly processed foods. Producers of the film warn that if things do not change Americans may be headed towards an early grave. 

Food, Inc.

Nutrition has changed quickly over the last 50 years than ever before in American history. Food, Inc. speaks out about the food industry’s major issues. The film raises concerns about the effectiveness of government regulatory agencies.  These agencies would be the USDA and FDA. The supermarkets have been strategically set up in order to increase sales of highly processed foods. The daily ingestion of harmful foods is quickly leading America into an overall health crisis.

Food, Inc. digs into the food industry to highlight that the majority of the industry is being controlled. The industry is ran by a handful of large corporations that largely focus on profits verses nutritional food options. However, this documentary introduces a new concept in which the power is returned to the consumer. Filmmakers take a unique approach in order to allow consumers to become more educated. Their intent is to show consumers that they have the ability to make educated decisions when it comes to food. 


Taking a stand, Sustainable, educates viewers about the farming industry. They help educate and sheds insight on where food actually comes from. Sustainable, takes the audience on a journey to discover the food industry as a whole. This film is inspiring and informative to spectators as it looks at farming and the sustainability of the farming business. The filmmakers take a deep investigation into the deadly mistakes America has been making when it comes to food options.

Sustainable producers are hoping to turn the food industry around to be more focused on natural food production. They also aspire to do so while keeping ethics in mind. Furthermore, it takes an enhanced look into how individuals are beginning to learn where their food comes from. This allows individuals to understand the food development process and focus more of natural and organic foods versus animal products. 

Helpful Material

Transiting away from the traditional animal based diet that most Americans practice can be extremely difficult. Eliminating animal products and focusing on ‘your’ best plant based diet foods can present constant challenges if individuals are not prepared, documentary or not. However, with assistance from Amazon, individuals will have endless access to recipes.

There are options for printed recipe books as well as kindle recipe books. Below, you’ll find some great starter cookbook recommendations. These resources are a great addition for individuals looking to adapt an alternative nutritional lifestyle. Plus, people will never go a day without having a recipe at the ready to be tested out anytime. These cookbooks are sure to give readers some fun and interesting dishes to try. 

  1. Forks Over Knives–The cookbook: Over 300 Recipes for Plant-Basked Eating All Through The Year
  2. The Plant Based Diet For Beginners: 75 Delicious, Healthy Whole Food Recipes
  3. The Plant-Based Diet for Beginners: 600 Easy, Delicious and Healthy Whole Food Recipes for Smart People on a Budget

Become Educated and Make Smarter Choices 

The concept that stands out the most from the documentaries is that there are great alternatives to the Western diet. They stress the importance of educating consumers about the food industry and the process by which they obtain their food. It is clear that animal protein based diets are not the most nutritious option. These colorful documentaries captivate the audience’s attention with their valuable messages. The food industry’s main focus is no longer nutrition but instead is profit. They have gone to extreme lengths in order to fill processed foods with additives and other harmful chemicals.

The public is growing wise to the detrimental affects harmful processed foods. Many individuals are opting to focus on a whole food plant based diet. When individuals focus on a plant based food selection, it will naturally eliminate the poor quality highly processed foods. Selecting a diet that focuses on plant based foods offers major health benefits. Some of these benefits include, a healthier weight, improved mental state, and a decrease risk for diseases. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows the food crisis which America is facing.  If we, as Americans, don’t make a drastic change we could be heading towards a dark and deadly hole of disease. I am confident that we can make a difference in changing that. So, which do you believe is the best plant based diet documentary on Netflix?


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