Who Are The 10 Most Popular Vegan Athletes?

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Who Are The 10 Most Popular Vegan Athletes?

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Looking for a little inspiration to finally go plant-based? Look no further than some of the most elite athletes and sportspeople in the world. In this article, I will list the 10 most popular vegan athletes. 

Diet is an extremely important part of any athlete’s life. No matter how hard you train and how good you are at the game, if your body lacks nutrition, you’re not going to be able to give your best. That’s why athletes and sports stars have to pay extra attention to what they eat or drink. 

Many people wonder if a vegan diet is even nutritious enough to meet those needs. Given that there’s a common misconception that animal protein is the only way to build those muscles and gain strength

To debunk that myth, here are the 10 most popular athletes from around the world who swear by the plant-based diet:

Lewis Hamilton

One of the most active advocates of the vegan diet, Lewis Hamilton, is a Formula One race who has won a record seven Championship titles. He wasn’t a vegan from the beginning and only switched back in 2017. 

He is the most famous Formula One driver with major sports endorsements, which has also made him one of the richest sportspersons in the world. 

For Hamilton, the switch to vegan was more for the environment than the countless health benefits. He spoke at length about his concerns about global warming and animal cruelty in a BBC interview the year he went vegan. 

Novak Djokovic

novak djokovic wimbledon

One of the most celebrated tennis players in history, Novak Djokovic, doesn’t identify as a vegan. However, his diet is heavily plant-based, which springs from a concern not just for diet but also for animals and the environment. 

The 20 times Grand Slam singles winner also credits the diet for his quick recovery, and his track record can vouch for that. He just doesn’t call himself vegan because he doesn’t really believe in those labels. Labeled or not, he is still a big vegan inspiration!

Scott Jurek

One of my personal favorites, Scott Jurek, is a celebrated ultrarunner, who also enjoys a lot of popularity in the vegan world. He is one of those athletes who started the upward trajectory of their careers after going vegan. 

He has run and won many marathons around the world. And as you know, running marathons requires unwavering stamina. If there’s anyone who is living proof that vegan diet can do wonders for your body, it’s Jurek. 

He even co-authored a book about his diet, life, and running career, named ‘Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness.’ 

Venus Williams

American tennis superstar Venus Williams went vegan after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Sjögren’s syndrome, in 2011. She used a lot of raw vegan foods in her diet, which helped relieve her symptoms. 

It’s clear that the diet worked for her because she continued on to earn tennis greatness. She has won seven Grand Slam singles titles, and 14 Grand Slam doubles titles. In addition to being a proponent of the raw vegan diet, she’s also an inspiration for females athletes around the world. 

Tony Gonzalez

NFL Tony Gonzalez Football

The former NFL Kansas City Chiefs player, Tony Gonzalez, has a very interesting story about his move to the vegan diet. It was actually David Polaski who inspired him. 

On a flight, Gonzalez found out that Polaski was vegan and inquired about his diet. Polaski backed his move with the famous China Study by Dr. T. Collin Campbell. Lo and behold, Gonzalez never went back to eating meat!

James Wilks

James Wilks may be a film producer or vegan activist now, but before that, he was an MMA fighter. The British wrestler is the one behind the inspirational plant-based documentary, Game Changers. 

Similar to Venus Williams, Wilks also made the switch to eating healthy after a serious injury in 2011. His life story is sure to inspire you to pick more veggies on your next trip to the grocery store!

Rich Roll

Rich Roll, the ultramarathoner, is a shining example that it’s never too late to make a positive change in your life. He went plant-based at the age of 40 when he realized that his performance was lacking lately. 

After going vegan, he reported having more energy and better performance. He even went on to be featured in Men’s Fitness Magazine as one of the top 25 fittest guys in the world. 

Laura Dennis

While many athletes have made the switch to a vegan lifestyle a little later in life, the Canadian professional wrestler Laura Dennis had been a vegan since she was 14 years old. Her ring name is Allie, and she attributes her plant-based diet as the secret behind her strength in the ring. 

Her story shows that you can also get carb-rich meals to build mass in a plant-based diet, and you can keep it healthy with whole foods. You don’t always need to eat junk food!

Colin Kaepernick

NFL Colin Kaepernick

The NFL player Colin Kaepernick may be famous for his stance on racial injustice, but he has also decided to avoid being a part of animal abuse. Therefore, a few years back, he went plant-based, as he didn’t want to be a part of the ecosystem that results in animal cruelty. 

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback confirmed in 2016 that he is indeed a vegan. He even collaborated with Ben & Jerry’s to launch a vegan ice cream from the famous Vermont-based ice cream maker. 

Diana Taurasi

The WNBA star Diana Taurasi was one of the many vegan athletes competing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. With her strong legacy on the court, she’s a constant reminder to women athletes around the world that health is wealth, and that a plant-based diet can really make a difference. 

She went vegan in 2015 and has on numerous occasions accepted that the diet benefited her a lot. Who is to say it can’t benefit you with your life and health goals?

Wrap Up

The 10 most popular vegan athletes are living proof that you don’t necessarily need to eat animal protein and bad carbs to make it in the sports world. Healthy whole foods that come from plants can give you the energy, stamina, and positive attitude to outdo even your own self. 

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