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It’s a beautiful day to be alive!

Have you eaten your veggies today?

More and more people are getting excited about improving their health thru simple dietary changes. The internet has made it incredibly easy to find evidence based research that supports WHY you might want to do that. But, without your own reason to change, or your own WHY?, most people simply won’t do it.

We’re here to help. Check back here regularly for new posts each week answering some of the most widely asked questions regarding Plant Based Eating. We hope to share and inspire you with the gains and the challenges that we’ll encounter as we migrate ourselves toward a plant based lifestyle.

Also, we’ll be sharing quick videos containing updates along the journey. What has been working for us? Where’s the best place to eat plant based while I’m traveling? Do I have to go cold turkey and give up meat all at once? All these questions, and more, will be typical topics that you discover as you become more engaged in our community.

Read on and discover a bunch of fun ways to sneak more veggies into your meals and LOVE IT, daily. So, next time we ask you,”Have you eaten your veggies today?”, you can say wholeheartedly, YES!!

Make it a great day, everybody!

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